Become a Prepaid Airtime Wholesaler in your area!

If you already have a computer with an Internet connection, we would like to invite you to become a BULK Prepaid Airtime Wholesaler in your area. We can provide all the equipment you need to get you started. We are currently appointing Regional Wholesalers across South Africa and invite you to join our team and profit from this simple and lucrative business. 
Prepaid Airtime is in big demand and we already have Wholesalers making handsome profits supplying shops and resellers with TRUSTED SEALED vouchers. The market continues to expand and the demand for airtime keeps growing.

If you would like to profit from the Airtime Wholesale business we have allthe systems, equipment and know how to get you running in a matter of days. Starting at R6999.00 for printer, a box of paper and the specialist software, we provide a Wholesaler Starter Kit as a turnkey solution to get you distributing BULK Airtime in the shortest possible time. The entire Starter Kit will be sent to you by courier the day after we receive your full payment, the courier cost is added to your account afterwards.

The package includes the EPSON Dot Matrix printer (with one yearmanufacturer guarantee), the Universal Printing Station software andactivation, a box of special Multi-voucher Paper (1000 sheets, 20 000 vouchers per box) that caters for ALL the Networks. In addition we provide a Wholesalers Instruction Manual to get you started. Our automated receipting system allow you to make payments to us and these are allocated instantly and automatically, allowing you to purchase stock any time of day or night, even on weekends. 
Because our Starter Kit includes online setup assistance you need not worry about anything technical getting in the way of starting your business. We are uniquely geared to get you started quickly and profitably.If you have a faster internet connection, we can demonstrate the online ordering process to you (while you are still on the telephone, using our remote connection to your pc) and you will place the first order for real live vouchers. Then you can start selling vouchers as a WHOLESALER.

Once your system is setup you will be free to sell the Airtime in bulk to Internet Cafes, shops, spazas, hawkers, schools, church groups, taxi drivers, garages, coffee shops and so on. You will be able to set your own wholesale price list for your customers and will do well if you give your biggest customers better prices.

Since the State of the Nation address by Jacob Zuma there is a renewed focus on job creation in South Africa. As a Regional Distributor, you can appoint many Airtime resellers in your area, creating many, many jobs. Since our system is internet based and delivery of bulk airtime to you takes just seconds, the freelance resellers you appoint will gain confidence in you and the system. Your trusted sealed voucher business will flourish quickly if you prove yourself to be a reliable supplier. And the resellers who sell your Airtime for profit will be putting food on the table, for someone.

So if you already have your own computer with Internet connection, you can get started on the road to profit in a matter of days. To get the full Information Pack simply fill in the contact form below.

And before you decide to pay us any money, be SMART and visit That website may help you make an informed decision about who to deal with, and more to the point, who NOT to deal with! Remember also, if the company you buy from is NOT registered for VAT, they are either brand new or very small…. Either way you should be careful. (Our company registration number is 2003/011439/07 and our VAT number is 4570215345)
Feel free to call us and discuss your needs at any time. Speak to our wholesaling specialist, Erik Thiart or Grant Beukes on 0861778800 during office hours.

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